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We try to be grateful every day. Today we are so very grateful for the hundreds of horses and their riders that came through on Halloween weekend. Also very grateful for our friends that agreed to help us with all those fun customers. Many were dressed up, including their horses!

Free home wine deliveries this week. We will be delivering wine starting Friday, November 18, and over the following week. Instructions on how to order are near the end of this missive.

PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form

The Sale Continueth

Well, we lied. Many killing frosts have come and gone but we have decided to continue our sale. And add to it! Here is why:

We were feeling optimistic in 2013, 2014, and 2015. We were thinking the recession was soon to be done and that business would be brisk. We missed by a few years. When you make wine for 4 to 6 years in the future and you don’t have a crystal ball, you miss the mark a lot. Not to mention, that there are now six times more tasting rooms!
Then, of course, 2020 hit! A year where being long on inventory meant inventory got even longer.
So we have some absolutely prime wines that are ready to drink now. We are really enjoying the 2015 Séve and the 2015 Zort and 2015 Angelica MRS, but we want to move them along and we would like people to drink them now when they are fabulous.
These three wines are at the crest of evolution, they should be drinking well for another couple of years.

End of year special on our Sève, 50% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. The Sève is our favorite with many Thai dishes. Thai fresh rolls on a warm day with a chilled glass is delightful. We also drink it regularly with stir-fried vegetables from the garden finished with some peanut sauce. Even though I rarely have wine without food, a glass of Sève is often in the kitchen as I prep. I really like Chenin Blanc! I’m especially proud that it is the first, but not last, variety on which we have never used any type of pesticide. Planted in 2010.
Angelica MRS 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. It is now pumpkin pie season, great pairing with our Angelica.

Zort 2015 30% off when purchasing a total of 12 bottles of any of our wines, mix or match. A new vintage for us chocolate lovers. Buy two and get an Intrigue Chocolate bar (value $12). Mostly Zinfandel with touches of Temprañillo and Sangiovese. Right now, I’m test driving it with Intrigue Chocolate’s Guajillo Chili, Hibiscus, Cassia Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean chocolate bar. They are made for each other! The nice thing with Zort is you can take a couple of weeks to consume the bottle. Just put it in the pantry with the chocolate. The bar is 100 grams and I find 10 grams a generous portion. I find a ratio of 2-3 bottles per bar about right. We can also deliver Intrigue Chocolate with your wine order.

In recognition of all the increasing food prices all of us are facing, we have decided to bring back our half-price deals on B's Blend and Sangiovese. There is a twist, you get the first six bottles of either wine at half price and then regular club case pricing on the any other six. It can be a mixed case, of course. Hmm, I'll have to figure out a new order form to reflect that! If it is too confusing, just let us know how many cases and we will figure it out for you.
Paul explains cane pruning, as opposed to the more normal spur pruning.

In the Vineyard

As you can see from above, pruning has started in my vineyard and will continue for the next several months. I have 15.2 kilometers (9.4 miles) to get through, at an average rate of 28 hours per mile. Pruning is my favorite job, good thing, eh?

So much to be thankful for this past year!
Barbara successfully done with treatment for breast cancer. A son out in the World. A good vintage of Zero Pesticide grapes safely fermenting in the cellar. My health is good. The dogs, cats, and Miss Piggy are happy. The garden has and is feeding us well. The pantry is well stocked and the cellar is full. And the political ads are done for a while.
Time for a celebration of Thanksgiving!
Gathering with kith and kin to appreciate life. My favorite holiday in so many ways. No presents, no cards, no decorations, no tie to a particular philosophy or religion. Simple gratitude. As a gardener/cook I consider food shared with friends and family a sacrament of sorts. I was raised Catholic but gave up most of the practices other than Communion. Which simply requires two or more people, wine, food of some sort, and thankfulness. I’m in!
Being from a large family (10 siblings) there is often multiple options of whose house to feast at. Wherever we go the expectation is I will provide an abundance of Rosé Paradisos and Angelica MRS. We are a turkey family except for the vegetarian bunch. My vegetarian brother joyfully cooks a great turkey for the rest of us. Potatoes and turkey, in my family, call for our Rosé as first choice. But why only one wine? If someone wants a bit of sweetness, I have that covered: B's Blend. Prefer a red wine with turkey? Got that covered: Rojo Paradiso or Sangiovese. Any left overs can be used for Mulled Wine, Glühwien, Vin Brûlée, whatever your family calls hot, spiced wine. Just put it all in a pot with a little brown sugar and spice and heat to 180F.
In our family after a break, washing dishes, and a rousing game of Spoons (it’s a blood sport!) it is time for desserts. They all seem to share traits, sweetness, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and are why we make Angelica MRS. How sweet it is!
We will gladly get wine to your doorstep for you and your loves. We will be in the Seattle metro area starting on Friday. There is time to ship to other states before Winter falls. After Thanksgiving shipping becomes problematic due to cold temperatures. Temperatures below 15F are dicey for a bottle of wine.
If you have questions about your dishes and wine pairings we will do our best to help. Green beans and cream of mushroom soup? Yeah, I have a branch of the family that does that along with “jello salad!” Thanksgiving can involve a lot of stuff piled on a plate! There are lots of wine choices, some we don’t make here, but are on your grocer’s shelf.
I make a bit of Wiggly (sparkling wine) for family that is nice to start with, then Rosé with dinner and Angelica for dessert. And of course, a tasting of what else arrived. It’s a 6-8 hour event so I can enjoy a number of small glasses.

Thanksgiving in
Wine Country
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
11/25, 11/26, 11/27

We have to be home and ready to work Friday morning. No insane sales in the dark. Entertaining folks on holiday, visitors dragging the locals out, folks day tripping over the mountains if the weather is mild. It’s a low-key pleasant weekend.
As I was reorganizing the tasting room today, I decided to do a vertical tasting (same wine, different vintages) of our Zort. It will be a fund raiser for the Yakima Humane Society who brought Pippalily into our lives. At least 8 vintages of Zort, donate what you will. $1 or $100. Of course, we will also have our under-35 calorie, 8-course Winemaker Dinner for wine tasting.
Many of our fellow wineries will also be doing something a bit special. The Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail can help you plan an expedition.
Thank y’all for reading our newsletter and buying wine to keep us going!
Angelica MRS

Spotlight: 2015 Angelica MRS

Why Angelica?
Thanksgiving desserts!
I’m from a large family, 10 birth siblings and 43 foster siblings. 1972 was the last time all my birth siblings (and some fosters) were in the same house at Thanksgiving. Since then we have scattered and joined other families. So we get together in subsets.
In our family tradition the travelers bring pie. The host does the hot dishes.
We end up with a lot of dessert! My son Kevin loved it as a child, 6-12 pies! Permission to have all he wanted, BUT, you have to finish one before you try another. “Please Auntie, cut me a really skinny slice, I want to try them all!”
The spices of winter desserts are the key, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, grains of paradise, along with high levels of sweetness.
I realized at the dessert course of that meal, 50 years ago, that we had no wine that really played well with pumpkin, mincemeat, pecan, apple pies. Someone should make one!
I’m the only winemaker in the family. I was 19 then, hobby winemaker. Learning about the thousand-year-old method of adding brandy to stop ferments and keep sweetness was the key to creating such a beverage.
Angelica, American wine. Adding brandy to stop the fermentation. Not Port, that is Portuguese. There are many fortified wines in many countries. Vin Doux Naturals of France, Spain has Sherries and Muscatels. Italy has a bunch including Marsala and vermouth. We are American, we make Angelica.
The cultivars of Riesling, Sémillon, White Muscat, and Orange Muscat are chosen for the affinity with the spices we use in our Winter desserts. Poached pears, baked apples, pumpkin pie, as well as Crème Brûlée, cheesecake, flan . . . all the light-colored desserts.
We recommend small pours, 2-3 oz. 60-90 ml. This is 19+% alcohol and very sweet. Five to six servings per bottle, it’s a 375 ml bottle. It keeps well in the cellar, we will be opening a 1999 Vintage at Thanksgiving. So don’t hesitate to get more than one. It will be fine in five years, assuming it can survive a corkscrew that long!
Guaranteed to make your pumpkin pie better. If you have vegans, folks allergic to eggs or dairy, over for dinner check out Pumpkin Paradisos on The Recipes page of our website, a recipe shared by a customer.
Taking down the bird netting, first step. Click on the photo above for the video.

Bung it in the Boot
(of our Car)!

The next free delivery will be beginning 11/19. Get your orders in by 10pm 11/18 and we will put you in our wine wagon and deliver over the next few days.

How to Order Wine

Your honored status as our returning customer gets you 10% off of 2 bottles through 11 bottles and 20% - 50% off of 12 bottles or more. These discounts are already reflected below and in the order forms: PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.
Here is the list of wines available and their prices:
Bottle Price
2021 Rosé Paradiso 750ml
2015 Oyster White 750ml
2015 Sève 750ml (50%)
2016 B's Blend 750ml (first 6)
2016 B's Blend 750ml
2016 Sangiovese 750ml (first 6)
2016 Sangiovese 750ml
2014 Rojo Paradisos 750ml
2015 Zort 375ml (30%) (NEW)
2015 Angelica MRS 375ml (30%)
Want to send wine? We can do that for you. Or you can go to VinoShipper and do it yourself. Shipping is dependent on weather, can't do it if it is too cold or too hot. Give us a call and we can help with your arrangements.

We recommend it be sent prior to Thanksgiving rather than later when sub-zero temperatures may make it impossible. Plus our Rosé is fabulous with turkey and Angelica MRS is literally made with Pumpkin Pie in mind.

Pick up the phone and call in an order, or reply to this email, or send a text to 509-829-9000 or message us via FaceBook or Instagram. We love to hear from you, so a call is always welcome.
  1. We can deliver wine directly to your home or to the home of your relative or friend. Estimated delivery begins 11/18. PDF Order Form or XLS Order Form.
  2. If you are local or want to come for a visit, we are open for tasting and sales 11-6 every day. You must be vaccinated to do our tastings indoors. Everyone is welcome outdoors.
  3. You can get a gift card from us either electronically or we can send out a physical gift card for you. Give us a call for the physical card 509.829.9000.
  4. If your wine gift is going out of the state of Washington, you can order via VinoShipper. Whether we can ship to that location during the winter is dependent on the weather. If it is too hot, we have to hold off on shipping until the weather cools off a bit. If it is too cold, then we need to wait for things to warm up a bit. 
If you want to keep up with us on a daily basis, you can follow us on FaceBook or Instagram.

You are welcome to spend time outdoors, take a walk around the vineyard, or a longer walk around our neighborhood. We can direct you to walks of 1-10 miles, bring your dog!
We are still doing vineyard tours Sunday through Friday if you happen to be in the area.

We are so very thankful that you include us in your wine consumption and we hope that you will keep us in your rotation.
Thanks so much for continuing to support our tiny winery. And for supporting zero-pesticide organically grown wines.

Asking for a bit of help

Like many small wineries depending on direct-to-consumer sales, the past two years have been difficult.
Google reviews have become very important to small businesses. So too, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. But when it comes to searches, Google rules.
If you want to give us some support (other than the obvious of buying more wine), the best thing you can do is to take a few minutes and share your perspective on our tiny winery.
Go here on Google and look under reviews and add your own. Also feel free to post a photo or two or three.

All the best from our home to yours,

Paul and Barbara

P.S. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without our annual A to Z list:

Thankful from A to Z

Here is a short list of what we are thankful for. We could easily make a list ten times this in length, but the symmetry of A (Angelica) to Z (Zort) made sense and we figured you wouldn’t want to read the long version.
 is for
Angelica MRS, for Thanksgiving all year round!
 is for
Books and Barbara, although not necessarily in that order.
 is for
Customers, you make this all possible.
 is for
Dancing in the living room.
 is for
Elevating grapes to wine.
 is for
Family and food and a fabulous time.
 is for
Grapes, which are so necessary for wine and Goldilocks.
 is for
Healthful eating and drinking and living.
 is for
Irrigating, we only get six inches of annual precipitation.
 is for
Joyful, thankful, everyday life.
 is for
Kevin, our boy full grown.
 is for
Lemberger, we are finally able to grow it virus free!
 is for
Monkey, our youngest dog, what a character!
 is for
Newsletters, entertaining and informational, we hope.
 is for
Oyster White, which goes reeaallly great with crab.
 is for
Paul and Pippalily and Miss Piggy.
 is for
Quality over quickness, our wines are slow.
 is for
Rosé Paradiso, summer in a bottle.
 is for
Semillon, the secret of Oyster White and Sève.
 is for
Thanksgiving, our favorite holiday.
 is for
Understanding and accepting each other.
 is for
Vitis vinifera, without which there would be no wine.
 is for
Welcoming customers into our tasting room daily 11-6.
 is for
Xerothermic summers, we love them.
 is for
You and your family and friends.
 is for
Zort, our Zinfandel Ruby Angelica port-style wine.
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